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Intelligent Dance Floor Lights.. What are they and why are they important at YOUR wedding?

Moving head lights, also known as intelligent lights or moving beam lights, are a type of lighting equipment that can move and change the direction of the light beam. They are often used in concert lighting and other special events, including weddings, to create dynamic, visually stunning effects.

There are several reasons why moving head lights are considered important for weddings:

  1. Moving head lights can add a sense of excitement and energy to the event by creating constantly changing, visually dynamic effects.

  2. Moving head lights can be used to highlight specific areas or elements of the venue, such as the dance floor or the head table.

  3. Moving head lights can be used to create a variety of different lighting effects, including beams, spots, washes, and gobos (patterns or designs projected onto a surface).

  4. Moving head lights can be programmed or controlled remotely, allowing the lighting designer or operator to easily change the lighting effects during the event.

Overall, moving head lights are a powerful tool for adding visual interest and excitement to a wedding or other special event.

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