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Intelligent Dance Floor Lighting

Intelligent Dance Floor Lighting, or Moving Heads, are a must have for a wedding where dancing is important. These lights will move all around the room and your guests won't be able to say no to the dance floor!

Moving Head Basics

A moving head has the ability to change colors and patterns. It has a wide range of mobility options, such as circular, pan and tilt. The newer moving heads can rotate between 360°- 180° degrees. They are visually more interesting to guests and offer a larger range of movement and lighting output than scanners.

Let your guests know: It's time to party!

Our Intelligent Dance Floor Lighting can display soft colors moving throughout the room slowly to provide a peaceful ambiance during the speeches and dinner. But when it's time to dance, they will move to the beat of the music and change colors to let your guests know that its party time!  

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Keep With Your Theme

Our lights have the ability to display any color imaginable. If you have a pink and white theme for your wedding, our lighting directors will make sure to keep with your theme and display softer colors to match the overall ambiance of your wedding. Don't let the name discourage you, while these dance floor lights are able to move a crowd, they are also a perfect accent piece to your elegant wedding.

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