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360 Photobooth

The newest enhancement in the wedding industry! the 360 Photobooth is perfect for your guest to post on their social media channels to create a memorable experience and share it with the world!


360 Photobooth Basics

Photo booths have gained so much popularity that we cannot think of any function without them. The reason is very simple; they bring for you and your guests beautiful memories. They are a perfect icebreaker and provide an easy way to generate fun and entertainment for your big day, thereby bringing peoples closer. Laughter, smile, and joy are some of the unique forms of entertainment which a 360 photo booth provides.

Add ons

Our 360 Photobooth comes with multiple add ons to enhance the experience! light poles? check, props? check, confetti? check. If there is something in particular you are looking for, just let us know!


Keep With Your Color Scheme

Our 360 photobooth will look great in any setting! we have lights that can change to the color of your wedding theme to make sure it doesn't stick out. There will be a line of guests just waiting to have their turn to get an awesome Gif, boomerang, slow motion video at your wedding!

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